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Is it possible to become pregnant with menopause

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Фото: Is it possible to become pregnant with menopause

A woman at any age is beautiful with her values ​​and needs. When she turns 45, the production of ovaries that is produced is extinguished, estrogen and progesterone are already being produced to a lesser extent. As a result, the process of ovulation, through which fertilization takes place, does not occur. This period is called the climax. Every woman has it in her own way, depending on the individual characteristics of her body. He begins training before the decline of the childbearing function and at 52 years comes the menopause, when there is a complete cessation of the menstrual cycle.

Is it possible to become pregnant during menopause?

Many ladies are keenly concerned about the question - is it possible to become pregnant with menopause? To answer this question, it is necessary to take into account the features of each stage of the climatic period. The ability of a woman to have children depends on him.

  1. Premenopause. The production of estrogen and follicle-stimulating hormone is increased. The egg ripens irregularly due to the deteriorated ovarian response to hormones. The fertility is still high. The duration of the period is 1 to 2 years.
  2. Perimenopause. Ovaries stop reproducing, from which the menstrual cycle becomes irregular. If during the year the woman did not have a period, it is impossible to conceive for her.
  3. Postmenopause. During this period there is a decrease in the uterus and ovaries. Subsequently, eggs are no longer produced. There comes a so called biological old age. There is no possibility of getting pregnant.

Most women think that if there is a menopause, then it can relax and not be protected. In fact, this is far from the case. In the first years of menopause it is necessary to be protected. After all, it is quite possible to get pregnant during menopause, just think carefully - do you need it?

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Is it possible to get pregnant during menopause - the consequences of a late pregnancy?

To give birth or not to give birth to the question is certainly scrupulous and depends only on your desire. But you need to know what consequences may occur during late conception:

  • In cases of termination of pregnancy, there is a risk of developing an infectious disease or excessive blood loss.
  • The born baby may have physical or mental disabilities.
  • During pregnancy, there is a strong pressure on the mother's body, which is weakened with age.
  • To make it easier to bear and reduce the risk of developing pathologies in your baby, eat more fruits and vegetables, and watch your health.


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