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Menopausal disorders

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Фото: Menopausal disorders

Women menopausal disorders are - commonplace phenomenon in women during menopause. They arise against the background of estrogens deficit in woman's organism and come out with various symptoms, bringing sensation of discomfort and occasionally break general habitus at all. The given concept has a synonym – climacteric (menopausal) syndrome but it is perceived only as manifestations expressed in smallest degree.

Classification of menopausal disorders

Menopausal disorders are classified according to the variety of their manifestations and depending on the system which they have affected:

Photo: Classification of menopausal disorders

  • Vegetative-Vascular disorders in climacterical period (feeling of heat waves, hidrosis, cephalalgia, faintness)
  • Disorders of sexual nature (hypoactive desire to the partner, emergence of dyspareunia as a result of atrophic changes in sheath’s mucosa)
  • Problems with urinary system (uroclepsia, the ascending type of urinary system infections)
  • Psycho-neurologic manifestations (frequent change of mood, acrimony, rapid fatigability, splesh of physical assault, development of depressive positions)
  • Disorders of metabolic processes (development of osteoporosis, accumulation of fat depots in abdomen, emergence of atheromatous plaques)

Menopausal disorders are also classified according age categories of manifestations' beginning: an early menopause (up to forty four years), average (from forty five to fifty five years) and late (after fifty years). But anyway, regardless of the age of manifestations' emergence they are in need of medicamental correction of this state in aid of for elimination of complications connected with estrogens deficit which can develop in course of time.

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Treatment of menopausal disorders

Treatment of climacteric (menopausal) syndrome or disorders generally is based on hormonal replacement therapy through drugs containing estrogens and progestogens. The alternative method includes appliance of herbal medicinal products or homeopathic medicines at softly expressed clinical presentation.

But the easy ways of impact on pathology assume no small importance. For this purpose medical advisers recommend to conduct the correction of nutrition and day regimen, to enlarge off-work time and also to raise physical activity in the morning hours in the form of corrective physiotherapy exercises. In addition good results on elimination of symptoms are yielded by massage and use of physiotherapeutic procedures ( Novocainum collar by Shcherbak, galvanization of brain, an electro-analgesia, procedures per 7-8 times). The program for sanatorium of climacteric disorders is also quite significant in treatment. In the conditions of sanatorium, after abort of acute implications of climacteric period, they usually use use hydriatrics,radon baths, balneotherapeutics and so on.


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