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Pregnancy during the menopause is possible or something worth remembering after 45

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Фото: Pregnancy during the menopause is possible or something worth remembering after 45

Women who think that with the onset of menopause the chance of becoming pregnant tends to zero - are greatly mistaken. You can get pregnant during menopause and even give birth to a healthy baby, but you need to know all the detailed information about it.

According to statistics, menopause occurs in women with 45 years. But every female organism is individual and this event can occur in someone sooner or later. For this reason, the question: "if the menopause is from 48 years old - can I get pregnant" - the answer: "it is possible."

Direct climax is usually divided into the following phases:

  • Premenopause - in which, the ovaries reduce their reproductive function. At this time, there is the highest probability of conception.
  • Perimenopause - during which, the complete cessation of the ovaries' work on the production of the oocyte occurs. This period can last a long time, depending on the body and health of a woman, sometimes up to a year. But the possibility of getting pregnant still remains, except when menstruation is not for a long time.
  • Postmenopause - at the onset of which, the ovaries completely stop working on egg production and pregnancy is impossible.

All functions in the female body are associated with the endocrine system, it is she who controls the process of conception of the child. In the ovaries, under the influence of the hormones estrogen and progestinone, the eggs begin to mature, which are exactly necessary for the birth of children. But due to the age of women, the ovaries can no longer respond to the effects of hormones and the egg is not as successful as it used to ripen, or does not ripen at all. During this period, the first manifestations of menopause appear - irregular menstruation or even their complete absence for some time.

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Pregnancy in the menopause - consequences and precautions

During the climax, you can get pregnant, but you need to be very attentive to your health. The condition of a woman during this process can be different - irritability, weakness, dizziness - all this is similar and with the first signs of pregnancy. Well, a pregnancy test in the period of hormonal changes in the body can not give any exact results.

For women who do not want to become mothers after 50, do not give up contraceptive measures. The most effective means in the period of the started menopause, the doctor-gynecologist should define.

If pregnancy has occurred, then you can only congratulate the future mother. Especially modern medicine believes that even after 50 it is possible to have a healthy baby. But at the same time a woman should be under more strict supervision of doctors.


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