The site is dedicated to topical issues of reproduction in the period when a woman has already reached menopause. We have tried to find articles that provide answers to the most common questions that concern patients. The articles were prepared by the site's expert, Ph.D. Reproductologist with extensive practical experience Sona Yuryevna Nshanyan


Maria N., 27 aug 2023

I would like to thank the doctor of the Altravita clinic, Sona Yuryevna, thanks to her, we finally have a long-awaited baby. There were many attempts before, and Sona Yurievna was our last chance for success! She was with us every step of the way from start to finish. an excellent specialist in his field!

Julia, 29 jul 2023

I want to express my deep gratitude to the Altravita clinic. Everyone is very friendly and attentive to every patient. I am extremely glad that I fell into the golden hands of Sonya Yuryevna Nshanyan. This is a doctor from God! Master of his craft! I came to the reception, as if on a holiday. Always support, reassure, set up only for a positive result. You believe Sonya Yuryevna, there is hope. What a joy it was when I saw my baby's heart beating. Thank you, Sona Yurievna. You give people joy, the meaning of life! THANK YOU!

Alexandra, dec 26 2022

Sona Yuryevna is a wonderful specialist, highly professional, with clear and precise treatment tactics and an individual approach. Everything is to the point, step by step, clearly, with minimal doses of drugs and no side effects. You can always contact Sona Yuryevna, get the necessary answers and recommendations. I hope that with such a wonderful doctor, everything will work out soon!) 

Anna, dec 05 2022

The best!!! I love it with all my heart! Thanks to her, I have two daughters, and we will soon be back for the third baby!

Olga, aug 29 2022

Two cycles in a row we tried to get pregnant on our own, and then entered the IVF protocol. Sona Yuryevna studied the whole history of my infertility, collected an anamnesis taking into account the first program in another clinic, and selected drugs for stimulation. I could not get enough of her, there is something and with whom to compare. With Sona Yurievna, I was set only for a positive result. I was worried, of course. But everything worked out. Joy knew no bounds, I still do not believe that I am pregnant, although my stomach is already clearly visible. My son is due in January, and it's all thanks to S. Yu. Nshanyan. Thanks for this miracle! I definitely recommend the doctor to everyone who, like me, is looking for a way out in a situation with infertility.